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Unrestrict PDF 7.0

Removes the restrictions and the owner password of protected PDF documents
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Removes the restrictions and the owner password of protected PDF documents. Unrestrict PDF enables selecting, copying, printing, and editing text and images in PDF documents protected with an owner password, which normally would not allow you to perform any of those actions unless you know the password. However, the program will not decrypt user passwords, required to open certain protected documents.

Unrestrict PDF is very easy to use – you just have to select (through a standard Open dialog) the protected PDF file you wish to remove the restrictions from. The program will ask you if a user password is required to open the document, and will request you to type that password if necessary. Unfortunately, the program does not support batch processing – thus, unprotecting many PDF documents may become a very time-consuming and tedious task.

The program also includes a special panel that displays chronological information about its activity, behaving as a log. There is also a special button to access the online help at the Developer's Web site, as it does not include any local help files. In conclusion, Unrestrict PDF may be a helpful tool to remove the restrictions present in one or a small number of owner password-protected PDF documents.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use
  • Allows you to provide a user password if necessary
  • Displays log information about the program's activity


  • The program can decrypt owner passwords, but not user passwords
  • Does not support batch processing of protected PDF files
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